The Macaroni Eaters

Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at 1.35.39 PM.pngJune 16, 2018, Cicerale

Students and our symposium guests making pasta in Italy! Yesterday we visited an agriturismo farm and spent the day making pasta, pizza, and learning about the Mediterranean Diet from Professor Batisky.

Video still & text by Grace Shen

Cicerale is a town in the province of Salerno and the region of Campagnia. Learn about the region’s traditional cuisine, from the Huffington Post, below:

Campagnia is home to many iconic Italian ingredients, most notably tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, pizza, and macaroni pasta. The Campani are sometimes affectionately referred to as the “macaroni eaters,” as their love of tubular pasta and spaghetti is legendary. The classic Margherita Pizza is a hand-shaped yeasted wheat dough topped with tomato sauce (made only with San Marzano tomatoes), water buffalo mozzarella cheese, and finished with either basil or oregano. When it was served in the late 1800s to Queen Margherita Savoy, she was so taken with it that they began to call the already popular pizza by her name. The ever-popular Caprese salad, named for the island of Capri, pairs water buffalo mozzarella with tomatoes and fresh basil…



“Neopolitans Eating Macaroni” by Saviero Xavier Della Gatta, c. 1800


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