Tasty Taralli


Our staff member, Emily Floyd, was kind enough to bring back a treat from her two weeks spent with TRACE. Read a bit of background below:

This is Taralli from Matera, Italy. Taralli is a typical southern Italy “poor man’s food.” It is simply flour, olive oil, and sea salt. I recommend having them with lunch, rather than your coffee ☺

I wanted to bring something that is highly indigenous to the areas we traveled to with TRACE the past two weeks. Matera was formerly (and wrongfully) dubbed “the shame of Italy” because of the poor community and difficult living conditions in the 1950s. Many Materans lived in the natural caves of this stone city– in fact, my hotel room was a cave!

Just a little over 60 years later, Matera is a place with deep history and is now a visitor’s hot spot. In fact, in 2019 it will take the name of UNESCO’s culture capital of Europe (https://www.matera-basilicata2019.it/en/). All that to say, enjoy the Taralli and the photo below, captured by James on a morning run through the hills of Matera.

Text by Emily Floyd; Photo by James Floyd

Matera Emily Floyd.png

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