More Questions


June 10, 2018, in Segesta

Sometimes the remains of a civilization give us clues and sometimes they give us more questions. Did a change in style intend this to be an open precinct or did something interrupt the completion of this temple? What evidence do we need to tell?

Text and photo by Veronica Paltaratskaya. 

Read more about Segesta:

Segesta is a beautiful site that has a temple and a theater situated perfectly among the hills of Sicily. It is a picturesque landscape that looks as if you stepped into a painting. Seeing how beautiful the city is, it is hard to believe that it was deeply embroiled in a conflict with Selinunte (students and faculty actually stay in the city while in Sicily). The conflict spreads throughout the Mediterranean resulting in at least the full destruction of 2 cities. The temple was theorized to be built during this tumultuous time. Temples are usually made with perfection in mind but this temple has signs of being unfinished as mentioned before. Bringing about more questions than answers.


The theater has a view like no other. The backdrop of ancients plays would have been the rolling hills of Sicily. Both the temple and the theater are proof of the hard work and deep contemplation of ancients civilization dedicated to elevation through culture.



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